What it
takes to
with us?


is all it takes to
Tango with
Salwan Media

Step 1:

Get to know us online. Research, research, research!

Step 2:

Craft an email of 150 words describing why you believe we should meet. The only exception to going over the 150 word rule is if you write like Rabindranath Tagore, Marcel Proust, or have the poetic flair of Mirza Ghalib. In which case we will take 250 words since we love good writing.

Step 3:

Attach a one page resume that will blow our socks off. A single page will suffice unless you have a Nobel Prize to your credit.

Step 5:

Hit “Send” and let the magic begin.


We do need to warn you that our Darth Vader of an inbox takes quite unkindly to verbose emails and long curriculum vitae (CV) stretching beyond the prescribed word and page limits above. We will not be responsible if your email ends up on the “Dark Side” if the word limits are broken.